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Process Involved in Structural Steel Fabrication

May 26, 2022

Structural Steel is a type of steel used in construction across various industries. It is one of the most used metals in the world due to features like strength and durability. Making structural steel available for use involves a process called structural steel fabrication. This process involves bending, cutting, and modelling steel to fit the final design or installation. Structural steel fabrication is a complex process and demands specialized knowledge, skills, and resources for smooth operation. It is also a step-by-step process.

The process involved in structural steel fabrication

Ideation, blueprint and shop drawings:
The ideation stage of structural steel fabrication is a creative one. It involves designing the structure and creating a blueprint of it using computer software. The blueprints are then converted into shop drawings adhering to factors like deadlines and budget.

Cutting, bending and drilling:
High-grade and tensile steel is then cut using laser cutters, water jets, plasma jets etc. Cutting is followed by the process of bending, where structural steel is bent as per the desired shape. Either manually or with the help of a machine. Welding is what comes next. The bent steel components are then welded together to create frameworks.

Engraving and assembly:
The steel components are then engraved with part number and plate location which aids during the erection process. Engraving is succeeded by the assembly. Steel sections are assembled in order to check if it meets the specification or not.

Component finishing and shipping:
If everything seems to be in place after engraving and assembly, the assembled components get a green signal to be shipped and delivered. The components are carefully packed after applying a protective coating to safeguard them against corrosion and fire.

Erection is the final step in the entire process of structural steel fabrication. Upon delivery, the construction team simply puts all components to mark the successful completion of the project.

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