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Why We Use Structural Steel Beams in Modern Construction

July 18, 2019

Contemporary construction utilizes a number of materials in the process of building a project. Structural steel beams are commonly used for a myriad of building applications. Structural steel is one of the most commonly used building materials that offers a number of practical benefits across a range of industries.

Found in both modern residential and commercial structures such as apartment buildings, bridges, shopping centers, and warehouses – construction professionals tend to prefer structural steel over most other commonly used building materials.


There are a number of benefits to opting for structural steel beams in contemporary construction endeavors.


Is structural steel strong?


Structural steel is more tensile than other commonly used building materials such as concrete, or even wood. Steel offers a higher strength to weight ratio, resulting in higher strength based on weight. This allows for sustained support in large-scale steel structures without having to have excess reinforcements.


Is structural steel easy to fabricate?


Structural steel is easier to fabricate than other building materials. Steel structural components can be produced on or offsite, allowing for a more efficient turnover time – which is ideal for the overall timeline of the construction project.


Is structural steel more flexible?


Structural steel offers increased flexibility in its ability to be molded into virtually any shape, without hindering its beneficial properties. It is one of the most adaptable building materials out there – that’s why you’ll find it in everything from vehicle springs to structural steel beams.


Is structural steel durable?


Structural steel is known to stand the test of time, depending on quality and type of structure, structural steel has been known to stand strong for decades. Most construction professionals opt for structural steel due its ability to resist corrosion, mold, vermin, and overall dimensional stability.


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