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2 Questions to Ask When Selecting a Structural Steel Fabricator

April 12, 2019

The use of structural steel is essential to forming the base of much of the infrastructure you come across on a daily basis. From the steel bridge you commute across to the parking garage you park your car in, structural steel is a staple in urban construction. Structural steel fabricators play an integral role to establishing safe practices in the construction of these assets.

Steel is a fundamental construction material because it offers a large array of benefits. Steel weighs far less in comparison to other metals, is more economical, and more malleable than conventional building materials. The strength of structural steel is unparalleled and can be further enhanced through proper welding and fabrication techniques.

Opting for a reputable structural steel fabricator can maximize the overall strength of structural steel, allowing for increased durability when it comes to asset longevity.


Today we’ll discuss 2 major questions to consider when selecting a reputable structural steel fabricator for your construction project.


What is their prior experience? What projects have they worked on in the past?


Structural steel fabrication is an intricate process that requires a higher degree of knowledge and precision. Knowing the type of clients a steel fabricator has worked with in the past is indicative of the scope of work and project level the fabricator is accustomed to working with. Knowing they have completed a job that is of a similar caliber is reassuring that they will in fact get the job done safely and effectively.


Are they fully capable of working on your project?


While you might think any structural steel fabricator is capable of getting the job done, you might want to consider asking if they offer the capabilities, tools, and even knowledge to complete your project as per your specifications. As suggested looking at work they have completed in the past is telling. But knowing they have the tools and knowledge necessary to bring your design to life is essential.


Scarboro Steelworks is Your Primary Source for Structural Steel Fabrication


Scarboro Steelworks provides in-house in addition to mobile structural steel welding services. We offer the knowledge and tools to bring your structural steel design to life as per your unique specifications. We have worked on a large range of diverse projects that vary in size and scope. We pride ourselves on our reliability, dedication to providing superior customer service, and high-quality results. Call us today to learn more about how we can assist you for your next construction project!