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3 Situations Where Structural Steel Beams Make All the Difference

June 04, 2020

Structural steel beams are one of the most common structural components used to support the buildings we frequent on a regular basis. As a staple in the building of contemporary infrastructure, it’s also clear that steel beams are an essential part in maintaining the structural integrity of a building. 


The steady demand of steel beams necessitates the service of steel fabricators who are capable of effectively building these components in accordance with project specifications. Beams are fabricated from steel due to the myriad of favourable properties it possesses.


Why Structural Steel?


Steel offers incredible durability and strength when it comes to construction applications. It is chosen for its ability to effectively carry heavy loads, while also being able to accommodate for more flexible architectural designs. The ability for steel to accommodate architectural design needs while not compromising on level of strength speedens up project timelines - making it a more productive and cost-effective building material choice. 


The following are 3 situations where the fabrication of structural steel beams can make all the difference. 


Building Public Places

As mentioned above, steel beams are commonly used to build buildings we frequent on a regular basis. Whether it’s your local library, highschool, or hospital - it is commonly the case that steel beams are used to support and maintain the structural integrity of these buildings. 


Building Commercial Places

Canada’s industrial sector requires sturdy industrial facilities capable of meeting the demands of day-to-day operations. Constructing these facilities will necessitate a higher degree of durability to ensure they are capable of handling regular wear and tear. Steel beams are integral to ensuring that these facilities are capable of standing the test of time. 


Building Road Infrastructure 

The bridges we use for our vehicles to get from one place to another also make use of steel beams in their construction. It’s no secret that these bridges must be able to accommodate the weight of several cars while also being able to withstand the elements over the span of years. The reliable and durable building material of choice would be that of steel.