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3 Steps To Estimate Structural Steel Expenses For A Project

November 08, 2021

Steel is an essential part of metal fabrication because it is used extensively for constructing different kinds of structures. Its robust, lightweight, and convenient properties make it a must for various projects such as building beams, columns, joists, decking, and framing.

It can be challenging to identify the exact proportions of structural steel one may need for any new project. To make it easier for you, we’ve listed three simple steps to determine structural steel costs.

How To Estimate Structural Steel Costs?

Listed below are a few easy ways to estimate the cost of structural steel.

Steel Grade Grouping

Steel is divided into three grades according to its carbon content:

  • Bare steel is the lowest grade steel with high carbon content.
  • Structural steel is the middle-grade steel with the least amount of carbon content.
  • Carbon steel is the highest grade steel with the highest carbon content.

Professional metal fabricators generally sort their materials according to these grades for easy identification and procurement during the early stages of their project.

Tied Connection Sorting

Steel can be sorted according to its tied connection by using the ASTM A36 standard. ASTM A36 is an industry-standard for steel used in manufacturing, construction, and other applications. ASTM A36 is a specification for structural steel shapes that are tied together with threaded rods for constructing bridges, buildings, and other structures.

The purpose of the ASTM A36 specification is to provide a single standard to specify the requirements for structural steel shapes capable of being tied together with threaded rods to form bridges, buildings, pipelines, transmission towers, and other structures.

Project Location Sorting

It is crucial to sort structural steel according to its project location. The following steps help in sorting steel by project location:

  • Create a list of current projects along with their location.
  • Sort through the list of projects and organize it location-wise.
  • Once sorted, write the location on the steel for tracking.

While these steps aren’t enough, by following them, you’d be able to calculate the estimate for your project. 

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