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3 Steps To Remember When Installing Steel Stairs At Home

October 25, 2021

Steel stairs are one of the most versatile and useful structures you can have in a home. Laying out a steel staircase takes expertise and context to achieve the best results. Here are three easy steps to install your steel stairway.


3 Simple Steps To Consider While Laying Out Steel Stairs


Rise, Run, and Copings

The rise of a step in a staircase is the vertical distance between a step and the one below it. The run or tread is the horizontal distance between the front edge of one step and its next step. The coping of steel stairs is the vertical distance between the lowest part of a step and the ground or floor surface.


Calculating the rise and run for each step in a staircase and the overall stair stringers (and the number of steps in a stringer) is crucial because it provides accurate information to the installer to cut the stringers and treads.

Rise on One Axis and Run on The Other

The rise and run of a stairway must be laid out in a particular manner to help create a safe and well-designed staircase. The rise is the vertical height of each step, and the run is the horizontal part of the stairway that a person steps on. For safety reasons, each step should be artistically planned so that the rise matches the staircase's run.

The Length of Every New Stair

Stairs are measured by the rise height and tread depth. Steel staircases come in different variations, and they are designed to be both cost-effective and visually appealing to users. You can use a tape measure, a laser tool, or some other tool that can produce an accurate reading to measure the length of each stair.


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