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3 Types of Steel Beam Commonly Used In Constructions

May 19, 2022

It is a known fact that structural steel is an important aspect of construction projects in today's time. The many significant features of structural steel make it an ideal choice for construction projects of diverse nature. 

Structural steel is supplied to engineers in the form of beams to use for construction projects. Depending on the intersection and shape, steel beams are classified into different types. Each beam type has its own set of characteristics that makes it ideal for a particular application.

A brief look at steel beam types and their uses


I-beam: Consisting of two horizontal plates or flanges connected by the web (vertical component), I-beams are used for applications like building framing and bridges. The structural integrity and strength of the I beam are unmatched. One of the features that make I-beams is the fact that they bend instead of buckling when put under high pressure. This is because the load or the force gets transmitted perpendicularly.


T-beams: The T-beam gets its name because of its T-shaped cross-sections. One of the significant differences between I-beam and T-beam is that the latter does not have a bottom flange. T- beams are extensively used in parking garages and are manufactured by steel fabricators using methods like extrusion, plate welding, pressure fitting, and hot rolling.

W-beams: Also referred to as wide flange beams, the inner and outer surfaces of the flanges are parallel in W-beams. One of the unique features of W-beams is that the flanges are thicker than the web, helping in resisting stress. 

Steel beams are known for their strength, durability, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility. They are also known for being environmentally friendly as they can be almost completely recycled. 

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