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3 Types of Structural Steel Beams and How They are Used

August 08, 2019

Structural steel is a type of steel used specifically for the purposes of construction and building. This is because the shapes that it takes are perfect to be used as support structures, and thanks to its reinforced strength and durability, it has stood the test of time for centuries as the modern world’s go-to material for construction.

Most structural steel comes in the form of structural steel beams. The idea for this now-ubiquitous component of construction comes from centuries of human engineering and building, wherein wooden or sometimes stone beams were used to help prop structures up and strengthen the integrity of a building.

Structural steel beams take this even further – thanks to steel being a versatile material, nowadays structural steel beams can take on a variety of shapes to serve different purposes and allow for more configurations in architecture and engineering.

In order to understand the wide-ranging potential of structural steel, let’s go over a few different types of structural steel beams:

1. S Beams

This is one of the more popular beam types in construction, also known as the American standard beam. It has webbing, which connects its narrower, parallel flanges. The fact that its flanges are narrower gives is more vertical strength over beam types with wider flanges.

2. Bearing Piles

Bearing piles are a useful beam type especially in creating deep foundation systems. If the soil or ground is too weak to withstand the load of the building, the ground is laid with bearing piles so that the load can be transmitted through these sturdy, durable structural steel beams.

3. Hollow Steel Section Beams

HSS beams have a hollow, tubular cross section, with radiuses that are twice as thick as the wall. They can come in different shapes, including squares, rectangles, and cylinders. This versatility is not without reason – HSS sections are normally incorporated into steel frames that are meant to withstand loads that go in different directions, making the relative adaptability of the HSS beam highly valuable.

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