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4 Benefits of Using Plasma Cutting in Structural Steel Fabrication

February 28, 2019


Plasma cutting is an innovative cutting process that has vastly improved the metalworking industry.



The process itself involves the use of a plasma torch to cut through steel and other types of metals. The technology minimizes bending and warping, increases accuracy in the cutting of holes and beveling of edges and can be used on metals of varying thicknesses. Since its invention in the 1950’s, the plasma cutter has become an essential tool in structural steel fabrication. Here are some of the major benefits to be gained from having a plasma cutter in your metal fabrication shop.



High-precision plasma cutters have the ability to cut metal workpieces that are up to six inches thick at elevated temperatures. As it functions at higher temperatures, plasma cutting can be used on conductive metals such as steel, aluminum, iron, copper and brass. A plasma cutter can also take on tasks that are usually performed manually, such as gauging and lining up workpieces.



Plasma cutters have the capabilities to speed up the structural steel fabrication process. These machines are able to cut workpieces that are stacked on top of each other, at a speed that cannot be duplicated through other cutting methods. An additional advantage to using a plasma cutter is that there’s no need to wait for it to preheat before use.



While a plasma cutter may sound like a dangerous instrument, it in fact does not pose any risks to those who operate it. This is because plasma cutters use Argon, a non-toxic and non-flammable gas, to cut through metal materials. Additionally, plasma cutters do not use rotary cutters, drill bits or carbide cutters than can potentially cause injuries.  



Plasma cutters more than pay for themselves by increasing the efficiency of your fabrication processes. As mentioned earlier, plasma cutters are also safer to use, which minimizes the number of Lost Time Accidents (LTA) that occur in the fabrication shop. Loss of time and labour costs money, and a plasma cutter can prevent these costs.


At Scarboro Steel Works, we have built a reputation as a trusted provider of structural steel fabrication services in Toronto. Our team of designers and engineers is experienced and flexible—we are able to work with many types of materials and we can take on projects of any size and level of complexity. We use advanced technology, such as plasma cutting, to deliver products of the highest quality. Contact us today for your structural steel fabrication needs!