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4 Big Industries that Need Top-Quality Structural Steel

September 16, 2020

Structural steel continues to have high demand from Toronto's booming construction industry. However, real estate development is just one of the many beneficiaries of high-quality structural steel manufacturing and erection services.


Here are four more big industries with a great need for these top-class materials:


Construction and Estate Development

Building new structures and renovating or reinforcing old buildings requires the best structural steel materials and products, such as beams, stairs, and more. Excellent materials should guarantee more than a century of lifespan and outstanding performance for any new residential, commercial, or industrial building. Thanks to high-quality structural steel, buildings need fewer beams, which allow them to create large, uninterrupted spaces and save more money and time.



A remote mining site requires its prefabricated buildings and facilities to be made from the best structural steel. Furthermore, its heavy-load, low-yield equipment manufacturers use the best steel materials that top-tier fabricators in Toronto can provide. 



Car parts and fittings use galvanized or galvalume steel for long-term performance and lifespan. Additionally, automotive manufacturers use structural steel extensively for the vehicle's chassis, frame, and cladding. Steel fabricators receive many outsourcing orders for vehicle steel parts manufacturing. Additionally, specialised vehicle production, usually for mining or construction purposes, uses a great deal of structural steel parts and components as well.



Specialists steel fabricators provide are able to provide military manufacturers with the best parts and components to build prefabricated bases and vehicle repair kits. Like mining companies, militaries need their prefabricated buildings and facilities to be made with the best structural steel. 


With decades of experience providing the most dependable steel in Toronto, we at Scarboro Steel Works are confident we can help you achieve all your goals in manufacturing and construction. Contact us today to learn more about our experience providing steel products for a variety of industries.