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4 Characteristics Of Structural Steel

March 11, 2022

Steel is an alloy that has found its way into numerous industries. It won't be an exaggeration to state that steel is one of the most used alloys in the world. Industries like construction, shipbuilding, energy, and oil and gas rely on structural steel for different purposes. 


This type of steel is commonly made available in the Beam, HSS, channel, angle, and plate forms. This type of steel is used extensively owing to its many dependable characteristics.  



Let's discuss some of the noteworthy characteristics of structural steel.



The more technical term being constructability, structural type of steel can be used for the construction of complex shapes with ease. For example, for the construction of skyscrapers with unconventional shapes, engineers rely on this type of steel because of its ability to be able to construct into different shapes easily. Engineers either weld or bolt the steel together to execute the architect's plan without compromising on the structural integrity.



Using this type of steel is recommended for green projects irrespective of the industry. Almost the entire steel used can be recycled, ensuring minimal wastage. More than 80% of the structural type of steel is fabricated using recycled metals, making it one of the most sustainable alloys. 



Fire resistance is another feature of structural steel that makes it popular in the construction and shipbuilding industry. Its higher resistance to heat makes it stand out and better than other types of steel. Along with using this steel, providing a concrete reinforcement will do wonders as far as controlling the temperature inside a building is concerned.



The spectacular weight-to-strength ratio and the impressive ductility of this steel are its noteworthy characteristics. It does not break easily, offering excellent bear-loading capabilities. 


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