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4 Industries That Require Structural Steel

January 04, 2021

Structural steel requires heavy-duty equipment for its fabrication. Various conventional and CNC machines are needed to weld and bend gigantic steel slabs to create different patterns and shapes. It takes skilled and experienced hands to deliver high-quality results that are stable and exceptionally dependable.


Fabricators of structural steel need to always ensure they are at the top of their game in order to serve these industries:



The skeletons of buildings depend on the quality the structural steel that is used. Dependable fabricators of heavy-duty skeletal steel, such as Scarboro Steel Works, uses only the best raw materials and processing equipment to deliver exceptional results. Furthermore, they are capable of installing the parts they fabricate to ensure stability.



This industry partners with structural steel fabrication companies to create customised structures and additional custom-sized warehouses. Customised infrastructure can also include walkways, loading facilities, rails, rods, beams, pipes, fittings, and grating. Every mining company needs dynamic infrastructure design to adapt to its environment and maximise its efficiency.


Shipyards and Ship Builders

Similar to mining, shipbuilding requires a tremendous amount of support from fabricators. Structural steel is a significant component of ship construction, which includes steel flooring, grating, hulls, ladders, and stairs, to name a few. Cruise ships use custom fabricated sections to add to its aesthetics or leisure compartments.


Vehicle Manufacturing

Automotives use lightweight frames made from aluminium. However, structural steel fabricators produce safety reinforcement equipment that improves the impact durability and other hazard-protective features vehicles can have that saves lives. Even if structural steel isn't feasible in cars due to their dense weight, manufacturers recognize them as viable options for safety components.


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