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4 Key Trends in Structural Steel Fabrication

November 30, 2018

Along with the significant changes happening in the metal fabrication industry, structural steel fabrication has also made some significant shifts. Staying at the forefront is what makes a fabrication shop competitive and act proactively. At Scarboro Steel Works, we keep ourselves updated with the trends regarding fabricating structural steel.


Here are four key trends that will undoubtedly make an impact on the metal and structural steel fabrication industry:


Extremely Easy and User-Friendly Solutions

The central force in structural steel fabrication is the advent of computer-assisted design programs. While modeling software has been very helpful in designing and fabricating structural steel and other metal products, the industry is poised to see more complex yet versatile design programs. Along with the automation trend, these design solutions can be even more user-friendly.


Growing Automation

In every aspect of metal fabrication, automation becomes very important. Computer-controlled automated machines improve speed and efficiency. Technologies are continually re-innovated to completely transform fabrication shops’ abilities to work with structural steel. Beam lines, for instance, are a good automation trend that we see these days.


3D Printing

While 3D printing is not yet possible with every metal fabrication, it provides great opportunities for fabricators in prototyping and other applications. It’s a disruptive technology that should not be dismissed but rather embraced as it has so much exciting potential. It provides us with an excellent opportunity to enhance business models and production, among other things.


Sustainable Production

Industries using structural steel are deemed as green companies due to the high recyclability of this material. Apart from this, there are other potential areas for improvement during structural steel fabrication. These include strides towards energy-friendly and low-emission production that will match the stricter green regulation while passing on cost-efficient gains to customers.


While keeping an eye on all these fantastic trends, our fabrication shop takes pride in completing even the most challenging structural steel fabrication projects. We have an impressive portfolio working with a range of distinguished clients which is a testament to the quality services that we provide. So when you’re in need of our services, you know that you can trust us to deliver the best.