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4 Major Differences between Structural Steel Fabrication and Manufacturing

February 18, 2021

Structural steel fabrication is a process using turnkey materials with a set of practices different from steel manufacturing. Fabricators are tremendously concerned with the resulting structural steel assembly performance and results. On the other hand, manufacturing focuses on its product's sheer strength, durability, and dependability to meet fabricator design requirements.


Here are the key differences to take note of:


Manufacturing: Combines and Processes All Raw Materials

A structural steel manufacturer focuses on using specialized machines to combine and process various raw steel components. For example, structural steel fabrication specialists are not required to have knowledge of how to fuse carbon and manganese to create high-quality steel. On the other hand, manufacturers are fully knowledgeable of all procedures and quality checks involved.


Fabrication: Assembling and Composing Structural Steel Components

All structural steel fabrication services focus on assembling and erecting heavy-duty steel that manufacturers produce. Manufacturers will create steel beams of specific strengths, malleability, and stability. After finalizing their supply needs with project engineers, fabricators will ask manufacturers if they have what they need.


Manufacturing: A Different Set of Quality Control Measures

All steel manufacturers make sure their products live up to their strength, malleability, yield, and other properties through a specialized testing series. Any huge margin of error can spell disaster in structural erection projects because engineers and fabricators unknowingly exceeded a steel beam's load-bearing capacity.


Fabrication: Enormously Concerned With Post-Assembly Checks

Steel fabricators take extra care and give maximum attention to detail welding and erecting the structural steel materials necessary for their projects. Once they've fully assembled the skeletal framework, they'll perform tests to guarantee excellent welding, stability, and load-bearing capabilities. Post-assembly checks ensure they have a skeletal framework fit to accommodate concrete and other building materials.


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