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4 Reasons Why I-Shaped Steel Beams Are Crucial in Construction Projects

March 05, 2021

All construction and real estate development projects require the best I-shaped steel beams in the industry. These might look like your standard framework beams, but numerous businesses and contractors choose them for their exceptional strength-to-density ratio and value for money. Apart from their long lifespan and exceptional performance, here are four more compelling benefits of I-beams.


Benefits of I-Shaped Steel Beams


Even Weight Distribution

I-beams are known for their cross-sectional shape. They are designed in a manner that they can handle uniform load across the beam. When any weight is added onto the beam, the maximum deflection falls on the center of the beam. In I-beams, the weight is distributed evenly, causing less tension to pass through the web. I-beams are able to handle extra weight due to their shape, which contributes toward uniform weight distribution.


Helps in Fabrication

Metal fabrication refers to the cutting, bending, and shaping of structural steel. I-beams are highly versatile and the fabrication of these steel beams is fast, affordable, and efficient. It is quite easy to use I-beams for metal fabrication for all types of demands of a construction project.


Main Framework Usage

These days, all buildings from apartments to skyscrapers use I-beams for their main framework. These beams are buried dozens of feet in the ground. Then, they're erected and welded together to create a strong, capable, and dependable structure. They play an important role in building a structure's skeletal make-up, which is the root of any construction project.


Relentless Support

I-beams are the most convenient and cost-effective solutions to improve any building's structural foundation. These structural steel beams provide consistent support for many commercial and industrial structures nationwide, as they offer relentless strength and are adept at carrying torsion.


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