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5 Reasons to Choose Steel Stairs Toronto

April 24, 2018

Steel stairs provide a great alternative to conventional wooden or concrete staircases. They are even better than concrete stairs because of the benefits steel provides, like durability, sustainability, and versatility. With Scarboro Steel, your project can really stand out in style.


Here are five different reasons why steel stairs are the better choice for business and residential.


1. Aesthetically Pleasing


Steel is often a better choice than concrete when it comes to construction. Construction and design trends over the last few decades lean more towards steel, particularly in modern styles. This is because the material is sophisticated, modern and lighter than concrete. It's also very flexible, so you can easily design the staircase of your dreams with the expert help of Scarboro Steel.


2. Strong and Reliable


Steel is made from iron and carbon, giving it very high tensile strength. This strength and durability will ensure that your staircase remains stable and solid. A steel staircase also requires minimal maintenance, whether it is indoor or outdoor.


3. Saves Time


Concrete staircases entails a lot of shuttering and reinforcing before the concrete is cast. Meanwhile, steel stairs can be delivered on the site already primed to be installed.


4. Environmentally Sustainable


One of the best reasons to use steel staircases is that it is 100% recyclable and can be reused several times without compromising or weakening its structural integrity. Manufacturing structural steel also has a minimal effect on our environment.


5. Cost Effective


Steel is very affordable, especially when you factor in its durability, reliability, and the long-term benefits it provides. Using steel stairs can actually save your enterprise a lot of money. Building with steel takes less time, so it helps reduce labor costs. It also lasts longer and boosts the value of your home or property.


There are many reasons for choosing steel stairs for your home or office project, with a myriad of styles. Not only can you design it the way you want, these stairs are also very durable and affordable.


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