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5 Reasons to Use Steel Beams in Construction

April 19, 2018

Steel beams are among the most essential building materials. They're used in virtually everything – from bridges to skyscrapers and in residential housing. Interior designers also love to work with steel beams in residential or commercial interiors with exposed walls and steel beams.


Here are five reasons why you should consider steel beams in design and structure:


Durable and Malleable


Steel beams give engineers, architects and designers a combination of durability, strength, and malleability. The beams can span broad areas while maintaining a structure's stability. Their malleability allows it to be bent and shaped to specific forms and requirements with professional fabricators like Scarboro.


Resistant to Calamities


New designs and advancement in technology have led to the creation of steel beams that are very resistant to calamities like earthquakes, impact and fire. The material is flexible and ductile, so it flexes under extreme loads, making it resistant to earthquakes. Meanwhile, steel can be manufactured under exact specifications to meet fire protection demands and the highest degree of structural integrity.


Cost Effective


Compared to materials like titanium or aluminum, steel is cheaper. Its affordability and the fact that it has other key chemical and mechanical attributes are the reasons why steel beams are often used as an essential construction material.


Opens Up Space


Steel beams make it easier for load bearing structures to span long distances. This creates big, open plan spaces that uses less columns. Fewer posts and columns makes dividing and customizing a space easier. This also means that less materials are used.


Less Environmental Impact


Steel beams have a decidedly less impact on the environment than other materials. They are lighter so they are easier to move and transport, thereby reducing fuel use and carbon footprint. It can also be recycled and reused, so on-site waste is lessened. What's more, steel beams are energy efficient. Heat is released faster, thereby making the room cooler in hot seasons and can provide excellent insulation to better contain heat during cold weather.


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