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5 Tools Commonly Used By Structural Steel Fabricators

July 29, 2022

Structural steel can be called the backbone of the construction industry. It is one of the strongest materials on earth, thus majorly used in building commercial structures, bridges, etc. Structural steel fabrication is a process that brings structural steel construction projects to life. 

Even though structural steel fabrication is a similar process to any other metal fabrication, it demands high-end tools due to its sturdiness. In this blog, get introduced to five such tools used by structural steel fabricators during the fabrication process.

5 Tools Commonly Used By Structural Steel Fabricators

Oxy-gas torches:
Structural steel fabricators use oxy-fuel torches with various fuel gases and oxygen to either cut or weld components of structural steel. Acetylene, gasoline, propylene, and hydrogen are the most common types of fuel used in oxy-gas torches.

Cold saw:
A cold saw is a hand-held and portable cutting tool. It comes with an electric motor and a circular, toothed blade. A cold saw provides precise and low-cost cutting. 

Magnetic drill:
Drilling is an unavoidable component of the structural steel fabrication process. Fabricators use portable magnetic drills to accomplish this task with ease. A magnetic drill has a magnetic base that can be attached to heavy objects that cannot be lifted or moved.

Hem Band Saw:
A hem band saw is a high flexibility machine that helps structural steel fabricators cut steel objects at 90, 60, and 45 degrees. This machine can be adjusted manually as per the cutting requirement.

Shot blaster:
A shot blaster is a device used for polishing, cleaning and hardening steel structures. It uses spherical beads or balls, sand and silicon carbide granules to polish the surface before being sent for coating.

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