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6 Staple Structural Steel Products

July 30, 2021

Structural steel is an essential product for every business, especially for construction projects. Construction companies order structural steel wholesale because they use massive quantities of it. As such, steel manufacturers have to make sure their products are constantly innovative and consistent in quality.


Here are six construction uses for high-quality structural steel.


Steel Beams

Horizontal steel is crucial for construction projects because they help form the basis of key support structures. These include I and H-beams that most skyscrapers have in their steel skeletal framework. High-quality beams have enormous load-bearing and shearing capabilities.



These materials can connect two structural beams. Alternatively, they can fill an opening in a wall and provide structural support. Lintels can attach to a wide variety of materials, such as timber, steel, and concrete.



All construction projects have columns that serve as part of their spine and skeletal system. High-quality, corrosion-proof structural steel columns are essential building materials. They are used to help prop up anything from skyscrapers to airports.


Steel Trusses

Trusses hold together bridges, buildings, walls, and other vertical and horizontal structures. High-quality trusses help to direct concrete's flow, keeping everything stable. Thus, construction companies always source their steel trusses from greatly reliable companies.


Steel Decks

These decks have a longer lifespans and usability than decks with wood sheathing. Thus, it sees extensive commercial building usage. A steel deck can have varied depth, rib spacing, and utilize different coatings to give the materials different properties. Furthermore, every fabricator can customize steel decks according to your project's needs.



High-quality steel stairs are a marvel of engineering and science. Therefore, only experienced fabricators can create stairs that can comply with fire safety codes and other building codes. Scarboro Steel Works creates stairs and ladders that comply with all requirements at an affordable prices.


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