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A Basic Guide to Understanding Structural Steel Fabrication

May 14, 2020

There’s no questioning the utility structural steel fabrication has brought to the construction industry over the past century. Structural steel is widely considered the structural building material of choice, and as such - structural steel fabricators are tasked with building the skeletons that will support skyscrapers, bridges, and other structures we rely on every day.


Structural steel fabrication encompasses a wide range of processes that fall under three broad categories. Cutting, bending, and assembling are used to manufacture structural steel components needed for the construction of urban infrastructure. 


The reason why structural steel is suitable for structural construction applications are largely due to the benefits it has to offer. 


Structural steel is regarded as one of the most durable building materials available. It has been known to maintain its strength and support for decades. Structural steel is also highly versatile - meaning it can be used for a larger range of structures. As a highly flexible building material, structural steel can be manipulated to meet engineering or architectural project specifications with relative ease. Structural steel is also quite sustainable, and is highly recyclable in comparison to other building materials. Its components can be repurposed for use in structural applications in other buildings. 


Structural steel fabrication is a highly adaptable service that lends its benefits in applications across a diverse range of industries. Besides construction, structural steel is used in the automotive, energy, and manufacturing industries. With increasing demand to build urban infrastructure, expand ship building, or support mining operations, it’s plain to see that structural steel is here to stay long-term. 


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