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A Comparison Between Steel Stairs and Concrete Stairs

September 29, 2021

Stairs are an essential feature of any building or a multilayered structure used in commercial, residential, or construction sites. Both concrete and steel stairs have their place in modern architecture.

Exceptional construction teams can build the best concrete stairs or design a steel staircase with optimal stability and weight support with the right equipment and knowledge. However, both types have their respective pros and cons. Let's learn more about each one of them below.

Steel Stairs Vs. Concrete Stairs

Steel Staircase

  • Steel stairs are exceptionally durable because their base material is a robust and durable alloy. Steel has a high melting point and can resist corrosion. This makes it an excellent choice for outdoor use, as it will not rust or corrode with extreme climatic conditions.
  • A steel staircase can support heavyweights. They are ideal for families, older people, and individuals with disabilities because they provide excellent stability. 
  • Steel stairs can be customized to fit any space or need. And they come in a variety of styles, colours, and heights to match any home or business. They require less maintenance than concrete stairs.

Concrete Stairs

  • Concrete stairs are made by pouring concrete into moulds, forming the shape of the stairs. Materials to make these structures include wood boards, metal strips, and metal sheets. The stairs may then be painted or stained if necessary before being installed.
  • These stairs are seldom 100% accurate; installation of cladding can be quite tricky. Drilling on such staircases is also time-consuming and hazardous.
  • Although concrete stairs are an exceptional choice for their timeless look, installing such stairs is expensive due to high labour and construction costs. 

Verdict - Which is Better?

We greatly believe that if the aesthetic and functionality suit the final goal for having stairs, both steel and concrete stairs are incredibly sustainable building materials that can do so much for your property. However, steel staircases steal the show when it comes to recycling and can be reused repeatedly without compromising their strength and durability, unlike concrete stairs.


If you need steel stairs, you can always count on us at Scarboro Steel Works to find the best steel staircase for your needs. With our experience and knowledge, we guarantee that you'll get excellent results for all your steel needs. Contact us today!