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Achieve Both Elegance and Functionality with Steel Stairs

March 27, 2018

Staircases have evolved from being a practical element to a focal point in homes and commercial spaces. The way they are designed can either make or break the style you envisioned. Choosing the right design requires consideration of both aesthetics and functionality. There are various factors to consider when deciding on the best stair for your house or commercial installation.


Nothing is more important than finding the right material for your staircase as well as knowing the current design trends. Steel stairs are among the most reliable and popular options, especially in modern staircase construction.   


Steel has been used for many years in interior design. Steel stairs bring a sense of elegance and a clean look to any contemporary home or commercial establishments.


Apart from the appealing look they provide, stairs made of steel have high tensile strength for heavy loads, are very durable and resistant to weather conditions. Coupled with a trendy design, steel stairs can look phenomenal in any style. Spiral and curved staircases never go out of fashion because of their timeless elegance.


The main structural frame of stairs is also usually from steel, providing a frame for the steps and balustrades. They can also be paired with other materials such as glass. Steel and glass go well together for a sleek and modern design. The entire design of a staircase is very crucial but most of the time, it’s the handrail that makes it outstanding. There are some steel stairs that do not incorporate a handrail for a more minimalist design. Others show off a perfect combination of glass as balustrade and steel as a railing.


There are plenty of trends in steel stair design but they share one thing in common. They can be a part of your design that really catches the eye. Since a staircase is something you use for a lifetime, it should satisfy your expectations and give you peace of mind in terms of structure.


At Scarboro Steel Works, we are experts in design and construction of steel stairs to meet any specifications and taste. From straight and spiral designs, to vertical and specialty designs, we can provide quality steel and expertise. Contact us today to learn more!