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Advantages of Structural Steel

March 16, 2020

In the past few years, productivity in the construction sector has grown as more and more industrial, commercial and institutional buildings are being constructed at an extremely high rate since the era of modern machines. Recently, there has been a significant increase in the production of steel, aluminum, iron, asphalt, concrete, cement, glass and bricks as they are used most frequently in construction.


Steel is the preferred metal for almost all types of construction involving large structures.


Structural steel is used to make construction materials that can come in various shapes and sizes, most commonly are structural beams. It is used in bridges, single-story buildings, as well as residential buildings. 

Here are some advantages of structural steel:


  • Durability – As a highly durable metal, steel can withstand large amounts of pressure. Steel is also resistant to earthquakes while concrete structures are brittle. Concrete does not have these properties.
  • Tensile Strength – Steel has a high strength to weight ratio. Another bonus is that steel structures weigh only half as much as concrete.
  • No Need for Foundation – When it comes to steel structures, they can be made without a foundation.
  • Easy Preparation –  Steel is easy to prepare because it is easily fabricated and can be mass-produced.
  • Productivity – The construction process with steel is easy to erect. This means that all construction projects are completed faster. On the other hand, construction projects that involve concrete may be time-consuming.
  • Good Scrap Value – Steel has good scrap value compared to other metals.


We are dedicated to providing you with the best structural steel products. Our steel fabrication products, as well as our welding and installation services, can guarantee customer satisfaction. Our experience in handling complex construction projects defines our reputation in the industry. If you think we could help you with your project, contact us today!