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An Intro to Structural Steel Fabrication

December 27, 2019

Structural steel fabrication has transformed the history of building construction over the past century. Working with structural steel offers a myriad of benefits, proving itself to be one of the most sustainable and adaptive building materials available, without having to compromise on durability and strength. 


Structural steel fabricators in Toronto today are tasked with building the structural steel skeletons that will hold up the buildings we will rely on in the years to come. 


In today’s blog we’ll delve into the basics of structural steel fabrication and where to find a reputable structural steel fabricator in Toronto.


The Benefits of Structural Steel Fabrication


There’s a reason why structural steel is the structural building material of choice. Structural steel offers versatility in its ability to be used in a large range of structures - i.e. bridges, skyscrapers, etc. Structural steel is also highly sustainable in its recycling ability. Structural steel building components can be reclaimed and repurposed in other buildings. Structural steel is also is one of the most durable building materials available, ensuring strength and support for decades after a building or structure is initially built. 


Accommodating to Welding


Structural steel is well accommodated by quality welding practices. Welding has been the superior choice over previous riveting practices due to the added strength and durability it is able to provide. Welding used in tandem with structural steel allows for more flexibility in achieving architectural design that is more complex and intricate than traditional building architectural design. 

But how can you ensure that the welder you hire for your next project is capable of achieving added strength and flexibility when working with structural steel?


Finding a Structural Steel Fabricator in Toronto


Scarboro Steel Works offers years of experience working with a range of diverse clientele across Toronto and the GTA. We work hard to ensure that structural steel construction is enhanced by our welding capabilities. Our welders are fully certified and ensure quality results when it comes to providing structural steel work for our clients. If you’re in search of a quality structural steel fabricator, call Scarboro Steel Works today!