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Application of Structural Steel Beams in Construction

April 20, 2023

Construction is an industry that is ever-evolving. The fast-paced infrastructure development has forced engineers to constantly be on their toes and innovate. The use of structural steel beams in modern construction is an innovation that completely revolutionized the industry in recent decades. From towering skyscrapers to sprawling bridges, these sturdy pieces of metal provide the backbone for some of the most impressive engineering feats in human history. Read this blog until the end to learn about the applications of steel beams in construction.


How Are Structural Steel Beams Used in Construction?


  • Structural steel beams are used for a variety of purposes in both commercial and residential buildings, including framing walls, supporting roofs and bridges, reinforcing concrete structures such as foundations and pillars, and creating mezzanine floors or balconies, among others.
  • One common application is the use of steel I-beams to create open-plan spaces by removing load-bearing walls. This allows architects to design large spaces without interruptions or columns since steel beams can span longer distances than traditional wood framing. Steel beams also have a higher compressive strength compared to other materials like timber or concrete.
  • Structural steel is also often preferred because it's fire-resistant which means it can slow down the spread of flames giving occupants more time to evacuate safely during an emergency situation.
  • Structural engineers work closely with architects and builders when planning new construction projects that involve steel beams. They calculate the necessary load-bearing capacity required for each beam based on factors such as building codes, wind loads, snow loads or earthquake force resistance.



To sum it up, structural steel beams have become an essential component in the construction industry due to their remarkable properties. They are durable, versatile and can be customized according to specific project requirements. Structural steel beams offer a cost-effective solution for constructing large buildings and bridges while ensuring safety and stability. You can rely on us at Scarboro Steel Works Inc. for all your structural steel fabrication and beam needs. We have been supplying structural steel to our clients across Canada for decades. Our structural steel fabrication capabilities are unmatched. Contact us today to learn about everything we can do for you.