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Automated Programs for Structural Steel Projects - Steel Beams

March 20, 2018

Structural steel construction involves several key functionalities, from design to production and management of components like steel beams to assembly within the structure. All of these can be integrated into one turnkey software program that allows a seamless control of the project.


This software provides promising benefits that can increase the overall efficiency of any project. Firstly, it identifies and groups together large parts with similar shape but different notches or drills. Given the huge number of parts and steel beams involved in a construction, it’s almost impossible to do the identification and groupings manually. The software can even suggest how and when each part should be produced, how and when it must be added to a multipart assembly, and when it should be transported to site right on time.


Consumable specifications, metal sheet, and steel beams can be worked out from the entire structure design with the aid of the software. Quality control and traceability of those materials can also be managed within the same program.


A fabricator can use modern software automation programs to correctly mark each part and choose the right one to hoist by a crane or assemble in a joint. It can even indicate what type of connection is required for the parts, either by welds, fasteners or rivets. Inventory management of completed components can also be taken care of, while indicating their weight for adequate transportation and confirming when they will be needed on site.


Investing in this type of automation tool is very justifiable with all the benefits provided by the software capabilities. Adding it to machining and fabricating structural parts and steel beams will synchronize supply chain processes while increasing parts quality and profitability.


The structural steel industry both has the challenge and opportunity to shift from manually crafted projects to automated production by leveraging this newly created type of program. At Scarboro Steel, we employ the latest technologies to ensure fabrication of steel beams and any other project meets the highest standards of quality.