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Automation in Fabricating Structural Steel Stairs

October 02, 2020

The structural steel industry has been undergoing multiple industrial processes while working on tons of materials with little help from automation. This is due to the fact that most of the tasks don’t have to be automated to produce the parts correctly. For instance, cutting a bevel on a beam, adding a notch to support a joint, and preparing the components for welding are not considered as jobs that require high-precision of a special CNC machine tool or machining process. However, highly complex and customized stairs in Toronto can’t be efficiently done by just using manual processes and extensive labour. 

What is the importance of stuctural steel projects?

There would be plenty of component features that can’t be handcrafted to meet the construction requirements without encountering serious problems. Moreover, though the manual process is possible, it can directly impact the project costs and negatively affect profitability. Accomplishing a structural steel project of any kind requires a considerable amount of resources that have to be financed. Fortunately, there are now options available that address the associated issues faced by the fabricators. Lead times and fieldwork can be reduced by pre-assembling components at the factory before being transported to the site. The need for precision and beauty is driven by modern architectural designs that call for exquisite components of structural steel stairs in Toronto.
This kind of project starts by defining an architectural design, followed by effective planning to allow the spectacular design to materialize on time and within budget. A reasonable investment in advanced software and equipment will enable fabricators of steel stairs in Toronto to reduce operational costs, automate processes, optimize each project phase, and thus increase profits. Most often what companies need to achieve automation include: software for designing, defining, and identifying all parts to be generated and assembled, CAD software for 2-D and 3-D parts, MES for adjusting production sequence, and CNC machines for accurate production of stair components.

If you have projects dealing with steel stairs in Toronto that needed to be delivered on time and with high quality, Scarboro Steel Works, Inc. is capable of taking on virtually any type of fabrication project. We are a full-service metal fabricator that completes all projects with high standards of excellence.