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Automation in the Structural Steel Industry

December 24, 2020

The structural steel industry is considered to have undergone many evolutions when it comes to industrial processes involving large quantities of material with limited help from automation.


This is mainly because there are many tasks that structural steel fabricators used to do that didn't have to be automated. Take for example the jobs of cutting a bevel on a beam, preparing the parts for welding, and adding a notch to support a joint. These tasks normally don’t require the use of high-precision CNC machining tool and process. Moreover, there are some structural steel projects that can be completed through manual processes and extensive labour. 


There are many components that can be handcrafted to meet the construction requirements, without facing major problems. Though the manual process of fabrication is possible, structural steel fabricators often find it more costly to do so, adversely affecting the profitability of doing the business. Not to mention that completing this kind of project necessitates a huge amount of resources that have to be sufficiently financed. Luckily, there are now many options available for fabricators to consider and address the associated issues with the costs. Lead times can be reduced dramatically by pre-assembling components at the factory before transporting them to the site. 


A sound investment in advanced machinery, software and tools can help structural steel fabricators reduce their operational costs, automate processes, optimize each project’s phases, and as a result increase profits. Automation can be achieved in so many different ways such as through BIM software for designing, defining, and identifying all parts to be generated and assembled. There is also CAD software for 2-D and 3-D parts, CAM software used for machining instructions to prevent failures, and MES or manufacturing execution system software for adjusting production sequence. Lastly, there are also CNC machines that are very capable of producing various part sizes and shapes so precisely.


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