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Characteristics of Structural Steel

January 13, 2017

Need a durable material?


Structural steel is mostly used in making structures used in construction. The shapes are formed with adherence to some standards in terms of the mechanical and chemical composition and properties respectively.



Structural steel is a very strong material which explains why it is used in most building construction industries. It’s also termed as a very stiff and tough material with high ductility. Most of the tallest structures we have today are built with this material because it has strength to weight ratio which is very high.

Ability to resist fire

Structural steel is also famous for its ability to withstand temperatures at very high degrees. It’s therefore a very desirable material as you are assured that incase the building catches fire, there is something you are sure of salvaging. However, the material may become weaker bit if exposed to extremely high temperatures which may compromise its functionality.


Many different shapes and in different sizes can be formed using structural steel. You can either weld or bolt the shapes together and they will stick perfectly. Structural steel is also user friendly as there is no rest allowance for the material that is it can be used immediately it reaches the construction site.

No mold

Most buildings tend to be infested by molds. However, constructers have realized the perfect solution to this which is structural steel. Since molds require moisture to grow, they cannot survive in steel as it doesn’t have a provision for that.

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