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Classification Of Steel Beams

December 15, 2021

Steel beams are used to construct everything from bridges and houses to skyscrapers and commercial buildings. Using steel gives engineers several benefits like saving money, time, and getting greater flexibility. In addition, skilled steel fabricators can manufacture beams to perfectly fit your construction project's needs leaving no scope for error. 

Criteria to classify steel beams 

Structured steel beams have revolutionized the construction industry in the last few decades. Depending on the nature of your project, you can opt for different types of structural beams. This blog lists the criteria on which steel beams are classified.


Beams do an excellent job of bear loading without bending or breaking. Because of this, support is one of their significant classification criteria. Let's take a look at types of beams based on support.


  • Truss beam 
  • Continuous beam
  • Over-hanging beam
  • Cantilever
  • Simply supported beam
  • Fixed beam


Structural steel fabricators manufacture beams in all shapes. Consequently, beams of different geometric patterns have various load-bearing capacities. Following are some of the types of beams classified based on their shapes.


  • Straight beam
  • Curved beam
  • Tapered beam



I-beam: Also known as H-beams, universal beams, rolled joint joist, or I-beams, they are the most popular structural beams used by engineers. The horizontal element of this beam is called flanges, and the vertical element is known as the web. The web helps resist force while flanges resist bending. 

T-beam: As the name suggests, these beams have T-shaped cross-sections. One of the significant differences between T-beam and I-beam is that the former has no bottom flange.

Structural channel - This type of beam is also referred to as C-channel or Parallel Flange Channel. A wide web and two flanges on the top and bottom are structural channels' distinct characteristics.

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