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Concrete vs. Steel Stairs: Why Choose Steel?

August 26, 2021

Whether it is located in your home or office building, a staircase is an integral component of the building that has to be carefully planned for. One of the key points that should be fairly considered when designing your stairs is its functionality, which involves choosing the right material for your stairs. Needless to say, the material must be strong and durable as a baseline but also provide you with other benefits, such as aesthetics. When it comes to these factors, especially durability and reliability, there are two major options you to count on: concrete and steel stairs.


Steel is a much better material overall compared to concrete, which is why steel stairs are increasingly popular.


Here are all the reasons why you should opt for steel stairs:


1. Flexibility

Back in the day, concrete would have had an edge because it was easier and cheaper to shape it to custom designs. However, with advanced technologies these days, steel can now be shaped into basically any design you desire. In contrast, it is now harder to cast concrete with perfection. If you are thinking of creative and unusual stair designs, steel stairs are your best bet.


2. Strength and Durability

There is no question about the high tensile strength that steel provides. In fact, it is much stronger than concrete, up to five times more. Plus, steel is also very impervious against outside weather elements and can last for a very long time. By galvanizing it, it becomes even more resistant to corrosion and so would last even longer.


3. Cost Effective

Steel stairs need less materials than concrete. Hence, the costs associated in making the final structure are also less. Furthermore, all their components like balustrades and threads can be fabricated altogether in one site and are ready to be delivered in to the final location. They can be delivered in pre-build modular format or ready to be assembled immediately, decreasing the amount of time needed to install the stairs. This brings the whole installation and labour costs down to a minimum.


If you think steel stairs fit your requirements and style, don’t hesitate to call us at Scarboro Steel Works to learn more about how to get your very own steel stairs.