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Custom Steel Stairs – A Vision to Behold

April 08, 2016

Custom steel stairs are a great way to add a touch of class to your home or business. This chic trend in décor is functional and has a metropolitan aesthetic. Steel stairs come in a variety of styles such as straight, half-turn, floating, suspended, helical, and of course the classic spiral staircase. A well-designed set of stairs can enhance a residence or have a commanding influence on a business lobby. Custom steel stairs can be designed to be an extension of the building’s outer architecture—sleekly snaking through the central heart of a structure, or serving as ridged vertebrae between floors. Customizing the design allows for a choice in mood; a strong set of steel stairs commands presence, while a sanguine spiral offers refined grace. Whether you choose to go for grand or minimalist, custom steel stairs can be fabricated to suit all of your specific preferences.

There are options out there for anyone fatigued with stale stairs. Wood is rapidly falling out of favor with designers and home owners alike. Wooden staircases have hit a nadir due to lack of durability and the requirement of regular maintenance. Wood is not suggested for areas where there is high humidity or regular rainfall. Damage to wooden stairs manifests in the form of mold and wood rot. Needless to say, an investment in wooden stairs is not a very good decision.

When choosing a material for your staircase, longevity and maintenance should be considered. The reason steel is highly favored is because it is a strong and durable metal. Simply put, it will last a long time and is gratifyingly low maintenance. Custom steel stairs and railings have become prevalent in homes and commercial buildings because of high functionality and their timeless look. The stairs can be fabricated to your requirements so that all your needs are fulfilled.