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Custom Steel Stairs Let You Unleash Your Creative Ambition

May 03, 2018

Custom steel stairs give the designer one freedom often lacking when making stairs out of other material: flexibility and creative freedom. Steel being an inherently strong material can be mounted in unique ways without hampering its structural rigidity or its load bearing capacity.


Architects and designers have taken to using custom steel stairs to create a flamboyant effect in many a residential and commercial project.


Ironic, really, given once steel stairs were the preserve of industry – a symbol of the heavy boots they would have to endure.


The same ruggedness that made custom steel stairs an indispensable tool in factories and industry and an obvious choice for making fire escapes, it retains when applied in less physically demanding residential and commercial settings. Custom steel stairs therefore offer that perfect blend of freedom of expression, a modern look and feel, strong and safe operation and longevity.


Custom steel stairs are also relatively less expensive: the steel framework being strong requires less in the way of supporting apparatus; it is far more durable than wood and easier to maintain. Also, given that steel is recyclable, steel staircases are recyclable, making them far more environmentally friendly than wooden stairs – which after its useful lifespan is over is neither strong enough nor desirable for any reuse or recycling. Steel also does not rot, is non-combustible, insects cannot damage – it is a reliable material which requires little to no maintenance.


Here are some custom steel stairs design ideas that can liven up or give modernist air to your home or office space:


Floating stairs

Adhering to the wall only on one side and unconnected to each other or other structural support, the floating staircase is a classic eye-catcher. One cannot help but marvel that individual horizontal planks, seemingly so delicate, can function as a comfortable staircase.


Alternating stairs

Alternating stairs is a design concept rather than a unique staircase. After all, designers have used the alternating stairs theme innumerable designs. Alternating stars can be used to great effect to create a visual illusion; however, this does come at the cost of ease of use.


LED Lit staircases

Custom steel stairs are a great material if you are looking to add a little lighting to your setup. Metal, depending on the finishing applied, can provide an elegant platform for underfoot or foot level lighting.