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Debunking Major Myths about Structural Steel

February 25, 2021

Like many industries, the steel industry suffers from its fair share of myths and misconceptions. Much of this is centered on a misunderstanding of the capabilities of steel and how it works. Structural steel is a kind of mild steel that is very hard and is often utilized in construction design. Structural steel fabrication is the process by which this material is used to make structures or supports that are used in construction for huge structures such as bridges or railways. This is mainly due to the many benefits that steel provides as a building material. In today’s blog, we want to help readers understand the true capabilities of steel and why structural steel fabrication is so important.


Here are some of misconceptions debunked and addressed:


#1: Structural steel is expensive

Structural steel can be costly when compared to other similar building materials in certain cases. However, the truth is that with steel’s high resiliency against harsh weather elements and its very low need for maintenance, it actually ends up costing less in the long run as it is true value for money. Furthermore, structural steel fabrication is a complex and careful process, so you are getting your money’s worth when engaging their services.


#2: Structural steel is not able to maintain internal temperature

Most structures require proper insulation to cope with harsh weather conditions to prevent unwanted cracks, regardless of the material that is used. Furthermore, structural steel does expand much less when compared to other construction materials, making it capable of standing strong against extreme weather conditions.


#3: Structural steel is difficult to work with

This is perhaps one of the most popular myths that plague the industry. It has been mistakenly believed that structural steel cannot be easily worked with. While it is true that structural steel is a strong, sturdy material, it is still versatile enough, which is why it is so popular. Structural steel fabrication can have diverse applications. Steel is a lot easier to work with and have changes compared to other materials like timber.


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