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Debunking the Myths Behind Structural Steel

February 03, 2020

The mild steel industry is rife and filled to the brim with myths and misconceptions that may seem harmless on the surface; however, they can severely hinder progress and advancements.


One such variant of mild steel is structural steel which is very resilient and is usually used in construction designs. Structural steel fabrication is typically used for the purpose of erecting buildings, creating bridges, as well as for other intimidatingly grand infrastructures. The simple reason as to ‘why?’ comes down to the numerous benefits that are associated with steel as a building material.


There exist a handful of misconceptions and half-truths that are to the detriment of the industry, imparting negative notions about the performance of structural steel.


To play our part in formally addressing these concerns, we’ve laid out some of the common myths ruminating out there accompanied by the facts underlying each one of them.


Myth #1: Structural Steel is Poor At Maintaining Internal Temperature

Fact: Any metal structure is reliant on insulation in order to handle extreme weather conditions and avoid unwanted cracks. This, however, doesn’t stop many users reliant on structural steel fabrication to complain about its ability to resist temperature. The truth of the matter is that steel undergoes less expansion compared to other construction materials – meaning it is extremely resilient against extreme weather conditions.


Myth #2: Structural Steel Is Very Expensive

Fact: When taking upfront costs into account, then sure, structural steel fabrication can be considered quite an investment compared to producing other material. This perspective, however, is not entirely business savvy; the great resilience displayed by steel against harsh elements and its low associated maintenance costs make it a much cheaper option in the long run – a smart investment.


Myth #3: The Framework of Structural Steel Cannot Be Altered

Fact: As one of the more common myths in the construction industry, it is falsely by some that once steel structure is used as a building framework, it cannot be altered or moved. The truth of the matter is that it is, by an order of magnitude, easier to expand upon steel structures than it is with wooden or other common building materials.  


Myth #4: Structural Steel Is Prone To Rust

Fact: Moisture and other weather elements can indeed cause corrosion and rust formation on the surface of steel; however, modern galvanisation technology, whereupon a zinc coating is applied, helps to effectively remove the possibility of oxidation. Structural steel fabrication employed conducted with these techniques in mind allow steel products to be rust free for extended periods of time.