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Determining the Safest Approach for Structural Steel Designs

February 02, 2018

When we work with structural steel, we are usually working on a renovation, reinforcement, or architectural addition to popular structures. We design steel stairs, for example, which have appeared in buildings that see significant foot traffic, and our beams have been used to reinforce facilities across Ontario. So in our industry, we have to be constantly concerned for the safety of our designs, and for the people who will be using them! Fortunately, at Scarboro Steel Works, this is always our top concern.

When working to determine the needed strength for structural steel, there are two main considerations:

  • Necessary Structural Capacity - The structural capacity of the completed project refers to the amount of force or weight the steel could reasonably weather before failing. During the design stage, the reliability and innate strength of the steel – and any other materials – is assessed carefully. In nearly every case, metal structures are designed to support weights that exceed the loads they will typically be used to bear, to compensate for any unforeseen challenges, degradation over time, and environmental shifts.
  • Requirements by Law - For each structural steel project, there are legal, contractual, or otherwise binding guidelines that measure the required reliability of a completed project. These essentially act as minimum acceptable safety standards for designs that need to be safe to operate – whether they are a set of steel stairs that will be walked on, or a part of a building that will be lived in, there must be a binding minimum standard of safety.

At Scarboro Steel Works, safety is always our top priority, which is why we work under a strict adherence to all safety guidelines that might impact your use of our products. When you work with us, you can rest assured that your architectural designs are in safe hands, and can be used safely for your exact purposes. Feel free to contact us today to learn more about our structural steel and safety standards, or to discuss how we can put our designs towards helping you!