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Different Types of Structural Steel

September 23, 2020

As buildings and high rise condominiums continue to be part of our city’s ever expanding evolution, the need for high quality and reliable building materials will continue to rise. With continued advancements in equipment, the construction and steel industry has experienced growth and is projected to continue doing so. As buildings continue to increase in floor levels and other construction innovations, structural steel has been the backbone of it all. This material is able to provide excellent rigidity and a stable structure to support concrete walls or floors.


Structural Steel’s Benefits


In the form of an H-beams or I-beams, structural steel is able to provide high quality construction supports for cement walls and floors. It is also an excellent material for scaffolding during the construction phase of a project. Below is a short list of the many kinds of structural steel:


  • Wide Flange Structural Beam - Excellent for main structure braces and vertical beams, this type of beam has wider flanges that allows it to be drilled with nut and bolt attachments to join with other beams, creating a more rigid and stable structure.
  • Steel Angles – This steel structure features an angle and is excellent for smaller scale frame structures. It can be drilled with nut and bolt attachments or welded with other pieces to form a skeletal brace or frame for certain construction designs and needs.
  • Steel Bars - like the steel angle bar, this type of steel structure is used mostly to boost concrete frame stability or in roofing constructions. Together with steel angle bars they can be bolted together or welded together to form a skeletal frame for roofs and many other construction solutions.
  • Rebar – Most commonly used as the steel rods or beams inside a concrete wall or high rise, these steel pieces offer rigidity and limited flex. This adds extensive strength to concrete floors or walls in a building or house.


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