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Durability and Creativity in Designing Steel Stairs

January 17, 2018

Stairs are not just simply a practical element but have become a focal point in many designs. A well-made and beautifully built staircase is a wonderful accent to a home or commercial installation.  Choosing the right kind of design needs consideration of both functionality and aesthetics. There are many factors to consider in selecting the best stairs for your building, yet none as significant as finding the most appropriate material. Steel is one of the most versatile materials you can use, particularly for modern staircase construction.


Steel stairs offer many benefits that address both the design and functional concerns. They are very common in offices buildings and industrial facilities. Their main structural frame is made from steel as well as the actual steps, handrails, and balustrades, but you can also use other materials to complement it such as timber or glass.


Steel stairs have high tensile strength, making them capable of holding heavy loads. They are also extremely durable and are not easily affected by weather conditions, rot, warp, or suffer from other common problems with wood like termites.


Steel can also be treated to protect it from rust or corrosion. This durability makes them great for outdoor use to enjoin two or more levels or to lead to your home’s entry, onto a deck or simply to match a more modern industrial style.

Another major advantage of using steel stairs is the chance to create unique designs which are not possible with other materials. Over the last half century, trends in architecture and interior design have favored steel due to its flexibility, durability and modern aesthetic trends. You can use it to have a gently curving or a grandiose spiral staircase. You can also opt for a suspended or floating stair, which can be a major interior decor or can be designed to blend into the existing theme of your home or office.

Industrial steel stairs with clear glass landings are also great to impress, or a combination with the natural beauty of timber to have a soft and elegant design. Better yet, you can even engineer a steel stair to wrap around a huge portion of your abode. 

Steel stairs can be custom made to your exact design requirements. We strive to master what we do at Scarboro Steel Works, including stairs and railings for any type of building. We specialize in structural steel erection throughout Toronto and the GTA, taking on and completing even the most intricate and challenging fabrication projects. We are the experts for all your structural steel fabrication and installation needs! Call or visit Scarboro Steel Works today!