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Effectively Protect Your Steel Beams from Corrosion

December 14, 2017

Steel is one of the most common materials used in construction around the world; it is durable, extremely strong, and can be used to enhance just about any project. Unfortunately, it also is susceptible to rusting, which is one of the most detrimental processes a good construction project could ask for. When you install steel beams in your facilities or projects, you’ll want to make absolutely certain you’re doing everything you can to prevent this corrosion process.


The corrosion process that leads to rusting is caused when your beams are exposed to oxygen and water. For indoor structures, water is less of a concern, but for outdoor builds, these are two entirely unavoidable elements. Before ordering your steel beams, you’ll want to consider the environment they’ll be built in, as well as the grade of steel and the size of the finished structure, to give yourself an idea of how much protection is necessary.


Regular maintenance is the best way to protect your steel beams.


A regular maintenance and inspection program is crucial to an effective corrosion protection system for structural steel. Generally, you’ll want to be regularly making sure the beams are as clean and as dry as possible. More than this, however, you might consider applying some kind of protective coating to the steel to prevent or delay the corrosion process. A protective coating of acrylic paint, powder coating, or of another metal that is less susceptible to rusting, will greatly extend the lifespan of your steel. Galvanized or stainless steel will be much more resistant to rust than non-treated options.


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