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Extraordinary Steel Stairs Around the World

May 17, 2019

Steel is a versatile material to build with, providing a wide range of options for ornate designs not possible with other less malleable materials. But perhaps the most prevailing benefits of steel are its high functionality and strength in comparison to other less durable materials. It is no surprise that this has resulted in the construction of iconic steel stairs around the world.


Here are some of the most amazing steel stairs in the world, showcasing both the functionality and beauty of steel:


1. The Steel Staircase to Pagsanjan Falls, Philippines

One of the most popular natural wonders in the Philippines is the Pagsanjan Falls, well known for its beauty but also for the relative difficulty in accessing them, especially the top of the falls. However, a set of 672 steel steps conveniently lead the way up. These stairs at Pagsanjan Falls have stood strong for years, aiding tourists and locals in reaching the top of the beautiful falls, showing the durability and dependability of steel.  


2. The Haʻikū Stairs, Hawaii

Also popularly known as the Stairway to Heaven, the Haiku Stairs in Oahu, Hawaii allows visitors to catch the most fantastic views of the Koʻolau mountain range. Not only do the stairs have to twist their way along the mountains, they have to withstand the weather conditions of such high altitudes. The versatility of steel truly shines in such scenarios.


3. Taihang Mountains Spiral Staircase, China

This intricate staircase has drawn the attention of thrill-seekers for years, but it is important to note that they likely would never have been built if it were not for steel. This staircase features an epic spiral design and towers at 300 feet tall – its uniqueness can be attributed in large part to the possibilities that steel as a material open up for buillders.

While these are all indeed extraordinary steel stairs, more modern applications of steel have seen steel stairs become dominant in residential, commercial, and government buildings all over the world, as they are arguably both the most sophisticated and safe kinds of stairs.


Scarboro Steel Works Inc. has our own collection of amazing steel stairs that can be found in locations across Canada such as the Billy Bishop Airport, York University, the Flatiron Building in Toronto, and more.  


At Scarboro Steel Works Inc, we combine the efficiency of the material with its strength, versatility, functionality, and potential for beauty to produce the best steel stairs found anywhere.