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How Do You Decide on the Design of your Steel Stairs?

April 12, 2018

This is the one of the more important questions facing most office or residential owners who are making renovations in their facilities or are just about to start construction of their structure. You want to consider a lot of factors in order to make sure that your building or home will have the right aesthetic appeal but still have high-quality and perfectly designed custom steel stairs.


What are the particulars to keep in mind when you are deciding on the custom steel stairs for your establishment or house? Here are some key deciding factors:


The limitation of space

The first thing to take into consideration about your stairs is the allowable space that you have for your stairs. You may want straight stairs for your house, but you may find out that you are limited to winder or spiral steel stairs. The best way to go over this is to have professionals, like Scarboro Steel’s technicians, design custom steel stairs for you.  We have the capability to manufacture, assemble and install different types and styles of steel stairs for residential, commercial and even large industrial structures.

Artistic and visual factor

Especially for commercial buildings, a staircase is very important because it is a section people always use to go up or down a floor, often one of the main features of a building. This is also a part of the structure mostly criticized when it does not look good or down not adapt well to the overall interior design. You should look at possible designs that will be appealing to clients and customers. Scarboro Steel builds custom steel stairs for you based on specifications and preferences. We can provide technical expertise and suggestions as well as alternatives so that the architecture of the staircase will have a very good aesthetic appearance with enduring stability.

Materials used

You can use full steel parts or a combination of glass, wood, and metal. It is definitely up to you! At Scarboro Steel, we have extensive experience in producing various staircase designs.

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