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How Is Structural Steel Manufactured

February 23, 2022

Steel is an essential alloy that has shaped our civilization in many ways. Numerous industries are built around steel, making it significant in terms of the economy along with utility. Various industries use different types of steel depending on the applications. The utility, strength and benefits of steel vary depending on its type. 


Structural steel is one of the most commonly used types of steel across industries like construction, mining, energy, shipbuilding, packaging, and transport among many others. Steel quality is one of the most vital factors to look for while buying it for industrial applications. The strength and quality of steel mainly depend on its manufacturing process.

In this blog, we discuss the manufacturing process of structural steel.

  • The crushed iron core is put through numerous refining processes to separate impurities. After extraction, it is essential to get rid of these impurities to sort out iron ore in its pure form. Iron is one of the main components of structural steel.
  • A blast furnace is one of the most important aspects of steel manufacturing. Iron ore is deposited in this furnace as hot air is blown from below. This process is vital as it makes the pure iron settle in the bottom, making its extraction easy. 
  • Apart from iron, carbon is one of the major elements found in this type of steel. The amount of carbon directly determines the strength of the steel. More the carbon, the higher the strength but lesser the ductility. Hence, steel manufacturers add carbon to steel depending on its application. 
  • Manganese is also added to the molten iron with carbon to complete the manufacturing process. The final output of steel is then fabricated into beams, plates, or tubes. 

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