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How Poorly Fabricated Steel Beams Could Spell Disaster for Your Project

January 13, 2020

Paying close attention to the materials used in a construction project can pay huge dividends for a structural engineer to identify the root cause of a prospective issue.


We’d previously outlined the importance of a project, from beginning to end, to incorporate 3D models with accurate calculations of all structural steel beams and load-bearing necessities; however, should these foundational materials be poorly manufactured the entire structure is sure to fail and create fatal circumstances.


Reasons such as this are why property owners remain keen to invest in top-quality manufacturers and materials. Let’s look at a few more reasons behind why this decision is a no-brainer:


Architectural Headaches

As mentioned, calculations made within Building Information Modeling (BIM) software require long stretches of time to ensure accuracy. Well-manufactured steel beams play an irreplaceable role in ensuring these blueprints are adhered to and that they bear loads as expected. The alternative? Subpar materials lead to subpar results, rearing their head in the form of load-bearing errors and miscalculations that can cause accidents even during the construction phase.


Reduced Property Lifespan

Steel beams serve as the skeleton of any project, making them extremely important investments. While it may be true that sourcing structural materials from unlicensed fabricators can save property owners direct costs on their project, without high manufacturing standards the property's lifespan will be truncated and prove to be a poor investment - especially if disastrous events such as earthquakes or acts of God occur.


Immediate Danger

Local building codes require that you work with licensed and certified personnel and suppliers. With steel beams being such an integral component in the foundation of your property, it makes sense that you contract premium steel fabrication services from certified companies such as Scarboro Steel Works Inc. You’ll never have to leave your legacy in poor shape or risk being a potential danger to surrounding structures.


Structural Beams That Are Synonymous With Quality

Your property is an investment and something you'll leave for the next generation to use. Scarboro Steel Works Inc. won’t be beat for being the most cost-efficient investment you can find for guaranteeing property lifespan that will last for centuries. We’ve provided the finest and most trusted structural steel fabrication services for over 50 years, be part of our ever-growing pedigree by giving us a call!