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How Scarboro Steel helped keep the past present at Bay Street

February 19, 2020

Situated at 357 Bay St. is a building with developmental roots dating back to 1922, previously known as the General Accident Assurance Building.


Scarboro Steel, in conjunction with Dream Unlimited Corp., and Partisans, was integral throughout the better part of 2019 in the reconstruction and reinforcement of the building in helping it align with comprehensive, modern-day building standards.


Simply put, the building at 357 Bay St. no longer met the demands of contemporary society, e.g. the mounting and support of heavy, industrial HVAC equipment.


Similar in vein to the restomod scene, the challenge was in maintaining the architectural charm and personality of the antiquated building while improving structural stability thanks to the modern feats of engineering.


Vintage look, cutting-edge structural steel in Toronto

A host of issues were identified before reconstruction work began, some of which include:

  • Exterior wall of the foundation being cantilevered on steel beams.
  • Structurally unsound mortar mix used around the I-beams as a basis for the floor system – an outdated modality no longer used in modern construction practices.
  • The original steel columns within the upper levels of the building were frail, thin, and susceptible to bowing or twisting from additional weight. This problem was compounded by the fact that floor removal was out of the question due to the lack of a concrete elevator core in the building.


Successful modernisation of the Bay Street building meant contracting Scarboro Steel to provide the structural steel in Toronto we’ve come to form our very reputation on.


A project as high-profile as this means working alongside a team that can stick to budget, deadlines, tolerances, and design specifications – aspects we place on a pedestal for all of the prestigious work we’ve conducted across Toronto.


With a pedigree almost as old as the building in question, we put 70 years of knowledge into our craft, allowing residents and enterprises to know they’ve gotten the best structural steel in Toronto!