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How to Enhance Structural Integrity with Steel Beams

May 18, 2017

Structural steel beams are critical to enhancing the durability of a structure. They contribute greatly to structural integrity. They offer support to roofs, walls and floors. They are used vertically to hold walls and columns horizontally for slabs, space frames, floors and roofs. These beams must be made of material that is able to withstand tensile duress without creeping or breaking.

This is the role that structural steel beams play in the construction industry. Steel is desirable for its tensile strength, ability to protect against corrosion, high melting point availability and flexibility. The stress resistance properties of this form of beams are especially attractive and high in demand in places of high populations and areas prone to extreme weather conditions such as tsunamis, earthquakes and wildly strong winds. Steel is less likely to fracture in such conditions compared to wood or concrete. As well unlike wood and concrete, steel is recyclable and therefore its use promotes practices that are environmentally friendly.

During steel processing and engineering, steel beams undergo rigorous performance testing and treatment in order to ensure they are resistant to fire and weather elements. This treatment also gives them galvanic protection and corrosion resistance. These beams are also safe from damage by termites and other rodents that destroy beams made of other material. Their tensile strength is also thoroughly tested to ensure safety.

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