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Maintaining the Integrity of your Structural Steel Framing

August 26, 2020

Structural steel framing is cost-effective, durable, sustainable, and comes as a great option for most building projects. However, over time this versatile and durable material may deteriorate if not well maintained.


In today’s post, we learn some of the most effective ways on how to maintain the integrity of your structural steel frame.


Regular Maintenance Checks

Always follow scheduled maintenance checks. Proper maintenance is the number one key to keep the quality of your steel frame. You want to create and follow a systematic approach every time these maintenance checks are conducted. Most importantly, be vigilant to perform seasonal checks after experiencing bad weather conditions or natural calamities like hail storms and/or earthquakes.


Do the Necessary Minor Repairs

A small leak can sink a great ship. So, never underestimate any potential or minor problems you might have. Small things like rust spots, cracks or holes should be properly addressed. Rust can damage the steel piles. Reinforcing your H-piling will maintain the structure of your steel piles. Also, you might consider getting a corrosion protection coating for your steel piles.


Check your Mooring Fittings and Steel Piles

Always check for any broken, cracked or rusted fittings and bolts. If you spot any of these, always be ready to replace and/or perform the necessary repairs.


In a nutshell, proper maintenance is the best way to keep the integrity of your structural steel framing.  However, if you want a quality steel frame, it should be structurally sound right from the very start.


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