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Providing Great Support Through Structural Steel Beams

October 15, 2018

Structural steel beams are crucial to any steel structure or construction project. Structural steel is a valued construction material at Scarboro Steel Works. This steel is used in many construction sites as it can be shaped into many forms and configurations such as angles, plates, beams, and more.


At Scarboro Steel Works, we have the best structural steel beams for your construction business!


The steel industry is heavily regulated and urges steel suppliers and distributors to meet the many standards of safety. Of all the various forms of steel, structural steel beams are most often used by builders. They offer great structural support to any building they are a part of.


What Gives Steel Beams Their Structural Strength?

The web-like format of a steel beam is what gives it structural support, resistance to breaking, resiliency from collapsing, and keeps it from tearing apart. Most often, structural steel beams are referred to as I-beams, which are also known as Rolled Steel Joists (RSJs).


There are two conventional ways to form a strong and durable I-beam. The first being through hot or cold extrusion or rolling which creates a rolled I-beam. In contrast, the second method is by riveting, bolting, or welding the plates that produce plate girders. These two methods are responsible for creating the structural strength in steel I-beams.


Why Choose Steel Beams?

Steel beams are also commonly used as joists in constructing residential buildings. There are many I-beams constructed from laminated lumber, commonly referred to as I-joists, steel I-beams cannot be surpassed in terms of strength and durability. These I-joists are less prone to warping and other moisture issues, however they cannot withstand other natural causes like fire which can result in a total collapse of a structure. This is what allows I-beams to be the more popular option during construction.


At Scarboro Steel Works, we fully understand the tantamount importance of delivering quality structural steel beams to our clients. Every beam we create comply with strict building codes and are quality assured for strength and durability to ensure the maximum safety of your structure. Call or email us today to learn more about the products and services we offer!