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Providing Quality Structural Support Through Steel Beams

November 23, 2018

As a steel solution provider, structural steel is the bread and butter of Scarboro Steel Works Inc. It’s the kind of steel that’s used in making construction materials. It can be shaped into many forms and structures that make up a construction such as angles, plates, channels, and steel beams.


When you’re in need of steel beams for your construction project, our beams at Scarboro Steel Works are crafted with quality and durability.


The steel industry is heavily regulated and must adhere to a number of standards and building codes to provide the utmost safety for structurally sound buildings and other constructions. Of all the various forms of steel, steel beams are most often used by builders. They offer great structural support to any building that they’re a part of.


The interlinking format of beams are what gives the structure that they support excellent resistance to breaking, collapsing, or tearing apart. There is a variety of different steel beam products, including steel decks, rebar, and hollow structural sections. One of the most common types of steel beams are called I-beams, which are universally known as Rolled Steel Joists, or RSJs.


Structural steel beams are commonly used as joists in residential construction. While some buildings utilize engineered I-beams made from laminated lumber or fibreboard, they can’t surpass the performance of steel beams. Wooden joists may be less prone to warp and other moisture issues, but they can’t withstand fire and other environmental hazards that steel beams can.


It’s for this reason that steel beams are the better option for construction projects. At Scarboro Steel Works, we fully understand the importance of providing quality steel beams to our clients across Toronto and the GTA. Our beams all comply with building codes and are tested for strength and durability to ensure the maximum safety of your building and its occupants.