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Reducing Waste in Structural Steel Fabrication

June 20, 2019

Sustainable initiatives are slowly becoming standard across most industries. With the very real threat that climate change poses to the world we live in, companies are actively making the decision to adopt more sustainable methods when conducting day-to-day operations.

The structural steel industry has also made moves to adopt more sustainable initiatives. Reducing waste is one key way in which structural steel companies are choosing to make the sustainable choice.


The Structural Steel Industry


There is no question that steel plays a fundamental role within the metal fabrication industry. From structural steel beams and columns, to steel bars and sections – it is one of the most common materials used in the construction process.

One additional benefit of opting for structural steel, is that it is typically recycled. North American structural steel is primarily composed of recycled material. While this is a great starting point, a waste reduction implementation plan that focuses on only sourcing from recycled steel manufacturers would be a tangible adjustment with huge impact.


Two Step Re-Use Strategy


The waste reduction strategy is conducted in two areas. One is through building reuse where demolished buildings are salvaged for usable materials in other projects. Examples of salvageable items include steel fixtures – which can be repurposed and recycled as structural steel beams and columns.

The other way in which materials can be re-used is in reclaiming lightly damaged materials into new construction. Ensuring these materials are safe to use is imperative to this process – but if salvageable, would reduce your business’s environmental impact.


Finding a Reputable Structural Steel Fabricator


Whether it’s structural steel beams, erection, or fabrication – consider Scarboro Steel Works Inc. We adhere to best practices when it comes to quality, service, and sustainability. Call us today to learn more about our work and services. We would be happy to help!