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Role of Drawing in Structural Steel Fabrication

August 15, 2022

Structural steel is used in the construction industry due to its high tensile strength. With the help of various drawings and designs, structural steel can be fabricated as per the requirement. The design engineer creates a plan with the help of computer software during each step of the fabrication process. The drawing acts as a guide for contractors and engineers throughout the project. In this blog, we highlight the role of drawing in structural steel fabrication.

Role of Drawing in Structural Steel Fabrication

A design drawing is the first and the foremost step in the structural steel fabrication process. It defines the sizes of the members, the location of the members in 3D, and the orientation and structural shape. Various dimensions of the building, floor levels, and paint specifications are also included in a design drawing ahead of structural steel fabrication. The design engineer also mentions the required materials in the design drawing. 

After the completion of the design drawing, the fabricator uses it to evaluate various aspects like the total volume of work, the quantities of material required for each member size, time and resources required to complete the project. A fabricator cannot quote a fair price without determining these criteria.

Once the execution begins, the earlier design drawing is no longer of use. The fabricator will need a new drawing that mentions details like measurement of the materials that require cutting, drilling, bolting locations, etc. The new and detailed drawing has to specify these details with accuracy to ensure a smooth structural steel fabrication process. This new drawing is called fabrication drawing. Each structural element will require a specific set of fabrication drawings. 

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